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Clash of the Corps features UMass bandos & alumni

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Clash of the Corps

To say that the Minuteman Band family has made great contributions to the marching arts is simply said through the powerful legacies of people like George Parks, Thom Hannum, Michael Klesch, and many others.

Today’s marching bands and drum corps have been greatly impacted by their philosophies. And their legacies continue through so many others.

These bands and corps are too many to mention, but we are focusing on the two corps featured: The Cadets and The Blue Devils.

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It’s with great pride and honor that we encourage you to watch Dwayne Johnson’s new series “Clash of the Corps” which follows both corps through the 2016 season.

Clash of the Corps can be streamed from AmazoniTunesHulu, or on-demand for cable subscribers who have Fuse TV in their lineup.

UMass alumni on staff for The Cadets’ 2016 tour include Colin McNutt, Iain Moyer, Jim Ancona, Brian Tinkel, Alex Beltran, Jake Gall, Andrew Ricketts, Taylor Yozwiak, Chris Vale, Ian Hale, and Jason DeGroff.


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UMMB bandos from the 2016 Cadets include:

Pit: Casey Choi, Hannah Crumby, Jordon Dold
Snares: Aaron DiPilla, Mike Galetta
Quads: Chris Garbacik, Seth Lampert
Guard: Heather Townsend-Gray

And from the 2016 Blue Devils:

Quads: Ian Merski

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