UMass Tickets

You’re a Super Fan, we know. But here’s a handy guide to getting your hands on the hottest tickets going at UMass. Whether it’s football season tickets, a show at Mullins, or a student ensemble at the FAC, we got it.

UMass Athletics

Tickets to UMass football, basketball, men’s hockey, and men’s lacrosse can be purchased online or in person at the Mullins Center Box Office.

Most other UMass sports are usually free or have a nominal cash price at the gate, with the exception of playoff games that might require a ticket. Check for details.

Mullins Center concerts & shows

Throughout the year, the Mullins Center hosts many popular concert and theatrical acts. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

As a special bonus, if you click this link BEFORE shopping at Ticketmaster, we’ll earn a bonus commission on the value of your purchase… funds that benefit the UMMB!

Fine Arts Center / UMass Theater / UMass Music & Dance

The Fine Arts Center Box Office is your source for tickets to FAC events, in addition to student performances in theater and music & dance!

Subscribe to FAC Center Series events to receive a 15% discount on tickets and 10-20% off select Amherst-area restaurants!

Excludes student performances, New England Public Radio, or Five College events.

New England Public Radio (NEPR)

UMass’ own public radio station (WFCR and the NEPR network) offers regular events throughout Western New England, including the always excellent Valley Voices Story Slam.