There are all sorts of ways to volunteer to help the UMass Marching Band Alumni Network! Here’s how to get started…

Let us know!

Send an email to info@umassband.com. Please share any particular interests you might have, or if those interests align with “band activities.”

Pre-Game Receptions, Game Watches, DCI Show Watches

Are you the host with the most? Receptions for band alumni during UMass away-games, or organizing game or DCI watches outside of the Amherst/Boston areas are an simple and fun way to help out. The best part, is if you’re into hosting a reception (at a bar or restaurant) in your city, the UMass Amherst Alumni Association will help organize the logistics for you!

Band Alumni Events

We’re doing our best to grow our event calendar beyond Homecoming. We launched the inaugural Big Band Bash in April 2017, raising $4,000 for the band’s new uniforms and had a blast creating a new tradition. We can always use an extra pair of hands or the advise of those in-the-know!

Get “Social”

Got the knack for Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? Do you like to write? We’re always looking for folks who can help contribute content to this website and to our social accounts. Each April, you can help promote #UMassGives, to raise money for the UMMB! Or become a Minute Mobilizer to spread lots to excitement about UMass… and win prizes!

Shop Online

Seriously! Through partnerships with Amazon and iGive, you can do your online shopping for goods — and travel reservations — earning (free) bonuses on the value of your purchases

Career Networking

One of the best things we can do as band alumni is help UMass bandos get ready for life after UMass. Be part of our Career Network, join our exclusive (and spam-free) LinkedIn network, and make a point to attend our occasional networking sessions.

Donor/Sponsor Relations

Do you know people? We’re always looking to make connections with folks who love our band and might be interested in supporting it, through monetary donations or other forms of support.