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Network Leadership

At the UMass Band Alumni Network’s August and September 2020 Core Committee Meetings, new by-laws were adopted, calling for the nomination and election of Constitutional Officers in January, 2021. All positions are open.


Constitutional Officers (Term)

  • President (3 yr)
  • Vice President (2 yr)
  • Executive Secretary (2 yr)
  • Treasurer (2 yr)
  • Homecoming Chairperson (18 mo)
  • Big Band Bash Chairperson (18 mo)


Voting members, appointed by the Constitutional Officers.

Band Management Representatives

  • Director of UMMB
  • Associate Director(s)
  • Assistant Director(s)
  • Band Manager (Ad-Staff)

General Members

All UMMB alumni. General members may vote on matters presented at the Annual Meeting.