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13 UMass bandos age-out of DCI competition

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Corps members representing the age-out class of 2012 were recognized on the field following the World Championship Semifinals on Friday, Aug. 10 in Indianapolis.

There within the confines of Lucas Oil Stadium, these graduating corps members had the opportunity to join together one last time, celebrating their accomplishments not as rival corps members, but as one drum corps community.

These 13 members of the Minuteman Band represent UMass amongst DCI age-outs:

DCI age outs 2012 UMass Band

Left to right: Victoria Porter and Ken Weigel (Spartans); Andrew Solem, Mike Hogan and Andy Kim (Carolina Crown); Dave Foth (Blue Stars); Alex Pare (Glassmen), Bobby Scott, Taylor Yozwiak, Iris Heady and Cris Cruz (Cadets). In front are Bridget Lambert and Andrew Ricketts (Cadets).

Photo courtesy Dave Foth.

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