UMass Band Alumni Network announces January elections

As with any organization, the UMass Band Alumni Network (formerly the UMass Band Alumni Association) has gone through growth periods. From our founding in 1966, to our first endowed scholarship in 1986, we serve one premise in support of the Minuteman Marching Band: Band is for everyone.

As alumni leaders and mentors, we’ve given our talents to the growth of the Minuteman Band in ways big and small. We’ve always done it through the Energy, Enthusiasm, and Excellence for which the band is known.

Starred Thought

Treat your people well and put your heart into it, and it’s amazing where you’ll go.

Throughout the decades, we were there to help the Minuteman Band program grow and thrive. We redoubled our efforts in the early 2000s to ensure the UMMB would have a permanent home following the 1997 closure of our beloved Old Chapel. Over a decade after its opening, we hold a campus record in small-dollar donations toward a capital project: The George N. Parks Minuteman Marching Band Building.

In 2017, we looked to the UMass Amherst Alumni Association to provide logistic and programmatic support to help keep this organization strong. And we grew.

Over each of the past 5 years, we’ve raised an average of $15,000 for the band’s day-to-day needs. Additionally, we led the fundraising for $160,000 for new band uniforms and we raised over $30,000 to endow a scholarship to honor Thom Hannum’s service to the UMMB.

To paraphrase longtime Network chair Keith Paul ’98, we have degrees in getting things done for the UMMB.

It’s time to grow yet again in support of the Minuteman Marching Band.

In 2021, the UMass Band Alumni Network will operate under a new Constitution and By-Laws. The Network will be led by 6 elected officers and scores of volunteers.

We Need Your Participation

Four “traditional” officers (President, Vice President, Executive Secretary, and Treasurer) will be joined by two officers unique to our organization (Homecoming and Big Band Bash chairpersons). The six officers will lead the UMass Band Alumni Network, comprised of members appointed from alumni ranks and advised by UMMB staff. All UMass Band alumni will also be given a voice.

We chose this structure to develop a deep bench of motivated and caring alumni to continue the good work of helping the UMass Band stay at the vanguard of collegiate marching arts. The officer positions ensure on-going leadership of the organization and growth of our two major events, Homecoming and the Big Band Bash.

The appointed positions allow for many more band alumni to help as they are able and grow into a leadership role. We have over 5,000 band alumni across the globe doing amazing things in all vocations and in all walks of life. We need you.

All six elected positions are open. We will present a slate of candidates in January 2021. All 5,000 band alumni will be invited to vote for these officers. So please consider taking-on the opportunity to help lead an organization support the band we all love.

Get Started

If you have questions about Network participation, please contact one of the current volunteers.

Review the Constitution and By-Laws

Announce Your Candidacy