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Six Flags’ Trash Tones are recruiting for the 2017 season

Six Flags Trash Tones

The Trash Tones, a creation of the Six Flags New England entertainment department, wanders the park posing as janitors and wows crowds with their street-style percussion. UMass Drumline alum Alex Casimiro ’10 leads the Trash Tones as writer and instructor, while also having been an original member.

Casimiro also serves as associate director of bands at the University of New Haven, alongside UNH band director and fellow UMass Band alumnus and Hall of Famer Jason DeGroff ’93 ’95MM.

The Trash Tones are recruiting for the 2017 season.

If anyone is interested in playing in the “Trash Tones” percussion group at Six Flags New England this summer, apply at and then contact Six Flags at 413-786-9300, ext. 3320. You would then be invited to the audition on Friday April 14th if you qualify with the online application. It’s a great paid summer gig if you are within reach. Non-percussionists are welcome!

Here’s a video of the group:

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