“Old Chapel” wins best documentary at UMass Film Fest

Matt McCarron (’12) won the award for Best Documentary Film at the 7th Annual UMass Film Festival for his documentary “The Old Chapel,” presented by student-run UVC-TV. McCarron is a Journalism major.

The mission of UVC-TV 19 is to serve as an educational training facility, providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to learn all the facets of an operating video center and television station. As such, our primary focus is to provide a hands-on learning facility, teaching the basics of video production, marketing, outreach, and management. As a Registered Student Organization (RSO), our secondary mission is to allow undergraduate members to participate in the decision-making and day-to-day operations of managing the facility.

UVC-TV 19 exists to provide an educational environment in which undergraduate students may learn and explore video production and exhibition. UVC-TV 19 shall maintain video equipment, provide instruction in its use, and provide access to the equipment.




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